Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co

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Golgohar Mining and Industrial Co.

Golgohar Mining and Industrial Zone having rich iron ore bodies as one of the most prominent active Mining & Industrial poles in the Middle East has many capabilities to become a large and competitive Industrial Zone in Iran and even the world. Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company is one of the most active Companies in Golgohar Zone which plays an important role in policy making and Management of Golgohar Zone. Golgohar currently by having  production capacity of over 15 million tons of concentrate and more than 10 million tons of pellet is the largest producer of Iran in these two products. By Implementation of Golgohar Development Projects and Production Lines Optimization Projects, Annual Production of Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company will exceed 30 million tons.To develop Steel Value Chain, by founding Steel related Companies, Golgohar has developed its share in the production of steel products such as Sponge Iron. Golgohar by producing Steel products in not-so-distant future will complete its Steel Value Chain. Golgohar will be the first Zone in Iran having all the process of production from Iron Ore Mine to various Steel Products all together in one Zone.

Golgohar Mining & Industrial Products: Iron Ore Concentrate, Pellet
Golgohar Zone Products: Iron Ore Concentrate, Crushed Iron Ore, Iron Ore Concentrate, Lump and Fine Iron Ore, Pellet, Sponge Iron.

City: Sirjan

Province: Kerman 

Country: Iran