Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co

GolGohar At a Glance

Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company At A Glance:

The office of the company is located at Fatemi St., opposite Laleh-Negin Building, No. 273

Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company is located in southwest of Sirjan city, Km 55 of Sirjan-Shiraz Road.

 Golgohar is situated 250 km far from the center of Kerman province And is one of the largest iron Ore concentrate and Pellet Producers companies in Iran.

The existence of massive iron ore reserves , available Equipment for exploiting and  the vision for development projects has proposed Golgohar as  an important economic pole in the region Which has many potential features For growth and making influence on the economic and social life of the people in “Sirjan, City of Culture, Industry and Media” and Kerman province.