Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co

10 Steps regarding Economy of Resistance in Golgohar

Increasing production.

One of the achievements of Golgohar mining and industrial complex in the path of a resistive economy is to increase production and increase productivity in current production lines, and to increase the production of new lines and approach nominal capacity of these lines.


Non-oil export expansion and reliance on oil.

In 1394(2015-2016),by changing the policy of  production reduction that was created due to the lack of domestic market demand in Golgohar that could have threatened the current situation, and with the opening of the export feasibility, increasing the production became an opportunity, and Golgoohar managed to increase production and exports. Which is an important step in realizing a resistive economy.

Step 3

Increasing Product Competitiveness by Decreasing Cost

Due to the recession in the global market for products as well as in the interior, Golgohar has paid attention to the cost as a strategic issue, focusing on lowering prices, seeking to increase the competitiveness of its products in global market and focuses to take steps to export.

Step 4

Localization and assisting in the installation of equipment

Some of Golgohar's actions in this field are:

Establishment of the localization team and management of reverse engineering and making inside company. Organizing a specialized exhibition of needs and opportunities for localization of Golgoohar and sharing the risk of domestic investment by supplying raw materials.

Step 5

Relying on the power of domestic capacities and increasing the participation of human capital

The beliefs of managers in promoting human resource efficiency, human capital empowerment in Golgohar zone is maximum use of their intellectual and executive power. In this regard, the development of participatory systems, such as Suggestion System, was put on the agenda, and the Suggestion System festival was defined in accordance with the principles of the Resistance Charter, signed by all deputies and managers of company.


Development of Golgohar Social Responsibilities

Golgohar always consider itself responsible for society. Some of the actions implemented by Golgohar in the direction of its Social Responsibilities are as the following:

1-Building Golgohar grand sport complex to encourage the personnel into exercising.

2-Construction of Sirjan urban sewage with cooperation of all companies in Golgohar Zone.

3- Cooperation in founding drinkable water refinery  in Sirjan.

4-Constructing the most equipped hospital in south of Iran in Sirjan city.

5- Participation in construction of Sirjan- Kerman railway.

6-Supporting The Elite(Genious), Developing cultural and social infrastructures of Sirjan such as cooperating in building the Prayer Area(Mosalla), upgrading the only cinema of Sirjan, upgrading the handicapped center, active participation in various festivals, conferences and ceremonies, supporting destitute families, establishing a regional center for making clothes svch as personnel Uniforms in order to create jobs for female-headed households.

Step 7

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Of Golgohar goals is to develop entrepreneurship and employment in society, not false employment, a job based on economic growth, a job based on increased production opportunities. An employment that is based on increasing production capacity of the region or the horizontal and vertical development of the value chain.

Step 8

Development of the system of synergy and optimal use of resources in sister companies

Maximum use of resources available in sister companies and creating synergy among these sets,

Which are in fact national resources is

One of the priorities is the pursuit of resistive Economy.

Comprehensive system of planning and integrated management system is one of the things that

In line with the resistance economy, is on the Golgohar agenda.

Step 9

Improving product quality

One of the most important goals of Golgohar is improving product quality. In addition to a slight increase in the production and optimization of the capacity of production lines, Attention to quality has always been taken into consideration and increasing production has never led to a decline in product quality and in the episode program, Attention to customers needs as one of the key stakeholders

Attention has been paid.

Step 10

Completion of the value chain and completion of the development infrastructure

To achieve the country's vision in 1404,Steel production should reach 55 million tons. At present, Golgohar has 31 percent share in the supply of steel producers feed which has to perform its role based on existing resources to get to the 1404 vision. Therefore, in Golgohar area, a common vision has been developed between the companies of the

Golgohar zone to achieve this vision that needs to provide essential infrastructure such as water, electricity and gas and also transportation infrastructure.