Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co


Environmental Protection

Protection and preservation of the environment has always been one the main concerns of our company. Although the mining complex is over 50 km away from the nearest residential area , environmental protection standards are closely observed in every stage of production from discovery and extraction of the iron ore the production of the final iron ore concentrate.We ensure that Electrostatic air filters, anti-dust units , Water treatment devices , Energy efficient methods to help to reduce utility consumption to the lowest level possible.

 Green areas occupy about 10 percent of the company’s land. We have created over 10 hectares of gardens by planting different types of trees. We ensure that there is a awareness among our employees about protecting both trees and green areas. We protect our land and water resources through conservation programs. We work to ensure that hazardous materials are properly used, handled, stored, and disposed as per the standards of ISO 14001. We are committed to the environment and protecting resources is our top priority.

Certifications : 

Quality Management System Certificate 

     ISO 9001:2000

Environmental Management System Certificate

      ISO 14001:2004

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate 

      BSI-OHSAS 18001:1999