Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Development of the following Infrastructure projects are consisted of plants and/or units for production or supply; water, electrical power, natural gas, construction of roads and railways, construction of a plant to produce required explosive material for the mining activities and construction of the tailing dam for water recovery.

Golgohar Co. by accepting 50% of share, with its two shareholder companies, established Gohar Energy Company to supply water, electrical power and natural gas.


  • In the first stage a combined cycle power plant with production capacity of 330 MW was purchased through an Iranian Company, which is in operation. One steam turbine with 160 MW production will be added to the power capacity shortly.
  • Negotiation for construction of a second combined cycle power plant with 500 MW capacity is going on.


To supply required water for the development plant projects, the following actions have been already taken:

  • Contract is made with Water Company of Kerman Province for supply up to 10 million cubic meters water per annum.
  • Contract is made with a water expert consultant engineer to prepare comprehensive program for investigation of water supply Sources (including underground, surface, waste, and desalination of brackish water) within the radius of 200 km around the Complex area.
  • 360 Cubic meters per hour water is transferring from the existing Gogohar wells at 55 km far away from the Complex.
  • Establishing the Persian Gulf Water Transfer Co. with participation of National Iranian Copper Industry Co. and Chadermalu Mining and Industrial Co. This water supply company that started the works in 2013, is responsible for desalination of the sea water and transfer of 114 million cubic meters per year in the first phase, to the three companies’ areas


  • Contract is made with National Kerman Gas Co. for Supply of the required Natural Gas from the existing nearby 20 inches diameter gas pipeline for the Complex plants.
  • Follow-up and activities is going on for execution of the gas Pipeline No.2, to supply the required natural gas for the development projects.


The transport company, with the name of Gohar Tarabar Sirjan Co. founded by Golgohar Co. to prepare structure for the Complex products transportation.

  • The construction work for the trucks terminal is in progress.
  • As about 58% of the Complex products could be transferred by railway, a comprehensive study has been considered to construct a new railway station in an appropriate location.


  • The construction of tailing dam No. 1 for recovery of the plants effluent process water is completed.
  • Required tasks are following up to select construction location of No. 2 tailing dam.


The required explosive material production plant is constructed and commissioned in the Complex area for the mining activities.