Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co

Localization Exhibition of GolGohar Mining & Industrial Co. parts to be held shortly

Executive manager of GolGohar Sirjan Mineral and Industrial Company, Naser Taghizadeh, announced that the exhibition of equipment and machinery needed for the company and subsidiaries will be held in the government week.

In line with the Supreme Leader’s intentions and the president’s emphasis on products and technologies localization, GolGohar mineral and industrial company is going to hold an exhibition at the International Exhibition of Kerman, said the CEO of the company.

The CEO stated that in this regard, having cooperated with all contractor subsidiary and partner companies, we are planning to display the needed requirements, equipment, and parts that can be manufactured in Kerman province.

Taghizadeh went on to say that some of the parts and equipment already purchased and imported from foreign countries or some requirements that can be produced in Kerman will be put on display for the producers and craftsmen of the province; and producers of these parts will be supported financially and administratively by the company. 

He said the exhibition is held to be visited by the province’s producers and activists in the mining industry field, adding that the companies that have the ability to build these requirements in the province can express their readiness and cooperate with GolGohar complex to supply these equipment, machinery and parts.   

Since the exhibition can play an important role in scientific and industrial progress and prosperity of the province, which is also our main goal, we ask all scientific and industrial centers to further contribute to the economic prosperity of the province with their strong presence, he added.  

He finally stated that this important step is taken to realize our primary slogan in inauguration ceremony on the importance of localization in all different sections of GolGohar complex.